Business Law

Opening A New Business

Some of the most important decisions about your business need to be made before you open the doors. Fabiano Law Firm will help you select the type of new business entity best suited to reducing your tax exposure, preventing litigation, enhancing funding and reducing personal liability. We will explain each type of business entity to you in detail, outlining both the positives and the negatives. We know how to draft both the documents creating your business and the required filings with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. If you are thinking about a new business, please give us a call.

Business Law

Small Business Advice

If you are considering launching a small business or have already opened one, we can provide invaluable legal support and advice.  Call and pick our brains about contracts, leases, new hires, terminations, zoning issues and any other problems and challenges facing your business. We will provide explanations and advice in easy-to-understand language so that you can keep your small business “on track and in the black.”

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

In any business, the precise terms of your contracts go a long way toward determining your success. We have negotiated, drafted and litigated hundreds of business contracts across an array of industries.  We have the specialized knowledge and experience to create contracts whose clear language will best serve your interests, protect you against potential lawsuits and maximize your profitability.